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Fall Winter 2023

Villa d’Orri, Sardinia

“We are Spaniards, Africans, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Arabs, Pisans,Byzantines, Piedmonts. We are the yellow broom flowers that shower down on rocky paths like large lit lamps. We are the wild solitude, the immense and deep silence, the splendour of the sky, the white flower of the cistus. We are the uninterrupted kingdom of the mastic tree, of waves trickling over ancient granites, by the wild rose, by the wind, by the immensity of the sea. We are an ancient land of long silences, of broad and pure horizons, of gloomy plants, of mountains burned by the sun and by vengeance. We are Sardinians."

Dedicated to Grazia Deledda.

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At Villa d'Orri, the return of the heart among powerful roots and desires of elsewhere.

The centenarian Adelasia, a symbol of the most genuine Sardinia; the two girls Talia and Esther; the boy with authentic Mediterranean features Itocor, and Benedetta, a mythical woman of style and magic, meet again after a decade to share their experiences and desires.
 Three generations along a journey into the mythical land of Sardinia, rich in layers and intersections.

Dedicated to Grazia Deledda

Villa d’Orri, Sardinia

The villa has witnessed glorious times, periods of decline, and even times of rebirth.

Its inhabitants have shaped the history of the illustrious Kingdom of Sardinia, including nobles, diplomats, collectors, merchants, landowners, antique dealers, affluent families, and local people.

Individuals arriving from the distant shores of Spain brought decorations, statues, paintings, and furnishings, which were later seamlessly blended with authentic Sardinian traditional pieces.

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The library, a golden room, a hub of knowledge and culture on the island, where all the significant great texts are collected, serves as a meeting place and a conversation spot for the entire family.

The bedroom, intimate and simple, is conducive to personal and deep storytelling, to secret confessions, amidst leaves and nostalgia.

The patio tells a portrait of an extended family that embraces the world.