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Antonio Marras

Antonio Marras was born in Alghero, Sardinia.
The land that deeply influences his aesthetics and style.



Ever since his first collection in 1987, Antonio Marras has been known for his experimentations, for his ability to “feel” the diverse realities around him, the commixtures with art, music, dance, theatre and cinema. Fashion is for him the link in between all other languages; a new alphabet that in his own way, uses to conversate with the world.

His debut in fashion took place in 1996 when he was invited to present a couture runway show in Rome. In March 1999 in Milan, it was time for his first prêt-à-porter.

At the same time, Marras keeps experimenting with the two lines: Laboratorio and Limited Series. These are not exactly prêt-à-porter, nor couture. They are items, conceived and realized in the designer’s home-studio in Alghero, utterly by hand and strictly in a limited edition.

In 2003 Antonio Marras is appointed artistic director of Kenzo. The following year the first Kenzo collection by Antonio Marras iss presented in Paris.

In the meantime, the Maison expands with the men’s collection, the contemporary line I’M Isola Marras as well as accessories. These intersect with a series of other collaborations, amongst which Collistar for make-up, Moleskine, Piquadro and many others.


Amongst Marras’ key elements of style there are: a meticulous attention to craftsmanship, Sardinia as the starting point of inspiration and the "ligazzio rubio" that in Sardinian means the red thread and that becomes a trademark of his style, a real “fil rouge”.

Although his work keeps him on constant travels, Antonio Marras continues living in Sardinia, aware that his strength comes from the Island. He lives in Alghero in a large studio-house, with all his family-tribe actively participating in the creative work.


Alongside his creations in the fashion world, Marras is involved in numerous exhibitions, where he builds dialogues with great names such as Maria Lai, Carol Rama, Claudia Losi.

The works range from painting to photographic exhibitions. Remarkable are his installations amongst which we remember as Archivio Provvisorio in 2011 at the Venice Biennale, and his anthological Nulla dies sine linea presented in 2016 at the Triennale di Milano. In 2018 he was the author of sixteen works for the #laculturasifastrada project, an initiative promoted by the publishing house Zanichelli.

After various projects of costume design for theatrical performances, Antonio Marras debuts, as a director and presents in 2017 his first play “Mio cuore, io sto soffrendo”.


Constantly willing to experiment within new territories, Antonio Marras also embraces the world of design. He weaves relationships with Saba for sofas and chairs, employs Sardinian craftsmen to create carpets and finally starts experimenting with ceramics, creating real installations such as "Outdoor Living" presented in Venice by the Rossella Colombari Gallery.

All this becomes: Casa Marras, where collections of ceramics, textiles, wallpapers, blankets become a family of objects dedicated to decorate our homes and lives.

Curiosity and Research

Marras crosses all fields within the world of visual culture, fusing decorations and details from apparently incompatible eras and worlds. He is known for his intellectual curiosity and for his research that are often far from the stereotypes of fashion. His creations speak of identity, exiles and refugees, about multiculturalism, the world and about faith. His rebellion against extremism and "purity" is a distinctive trait of his research that travels in between disciplines without any prejudice or barriers.