Realizzo il tuo Sogno

Against all discrimination Antonio Marras participated in the initiative ‘Realizzo il tuo sogno’

In collaboration with the Ravenna Association Realizzo il tuo Sogno, the designer Antonio Marras and his team fulfilled Alessandro’s wish to work in fashion as a model.

The boy, who recently turned 19, is unfortunately affected by a rare disease, Usher syndrome type 2, which is progressively attacking his vision. His hearing, nonetheless, has already been compromised by a benign tumor. Alessandro was able to fulfil his dream: he wasinvited to Nonostante Marras and took part in a photoshoot planned especially for him, a shoot intended to narrate the FW 22/23 collection.
Alessandro posed for five looks, after which he was involved in group photos dedicated to the  Marchesa Casati: 16 people, 16 of which boys and girls, 16 friends who enthusiastically participated in the performance interpreting 16 characters with ad hoc styling.

Nonostante Marras thanksfor carrying out the initiative:
Alessandro, the photografer Efisio Marras, Leo Marras and all his staff assistants, Maurizio Calabrò and his collaborators for the make-up, Claudio and Fabio for the hair-styling, Tonino Serra for the set design, and then Francesca Alfano Miglietti, Gianluca e Mirko, Fabio, Alessia, Jay, Andrea, Betsy, Alessio, Nettuno, Federica, Cristina, Ester, Emma, Enrico, Baly, Elvis, Francesca, Barbara, Jack e Carlina, who interpreted all the scenes.

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