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Muralla de l'Alguer Vella

In ancient Sardinia, in addition to the majestic nuraghi, there was a unique and fascinating place: the city walls of Alghero.

The inhabitants of Alghero have always been like a big family, enveloped in an unbreakable bond of inclusion, hospitality, and conviviality. During the long evenings spent together, deep connections and friendships were formed, transcending generations and enduring over time. Foreigners who visited the city could only timidly glimpse these humans interweaving. The people of Alghero, indifferent to any intrusion, continued undeterred in their age-old customs and traditions, weaving a layered history of their land.

For the inhabitants of Alghero, the fear of leaving was undeniable, always lurking as the bond with the city is a feeling deeply rooted and anchored in the soul. But the love for adventure, the call of the sea, and curiosity towards unknown worlds always prevailed. Thus, they ventured to sail towards the horizon, crossing unfamiliar seas. Despite the fear, they found the courage to face the unknown, certain that, upon their return, their city would always welcome them with open arms.

Time passed, but when the people of Alghero returned home, they always found the city unchanged, faithful to its unique and diverse character. The narrow alleys of the old town seemed to jealously guard the memory of those brave travelers, and every corner still tells their stories. No matter how much time has passed, the city always awaits the return of its children, sheltering them in a safe harbor where the warmth of the people, the energy, and the atmosphere rich with history always welcome them with open arms.

In this way, Alghero remains a unique place over time, a suspended dimension where the emotions, smiles, and tears of past generations blend with those of the present. It is a place where the boundaries of life dissolve, and ages merge in a timeless embrace.

Anyone fortunate enough to cross these ancient walls can discover a hidden treasure, an ancient world that still lives with a pulsating soul of those who leave and those who stay, of those who travel and those who welcome. A world ready to share its beauty with anyone who is fascinated by this archaic, immortal, and unchanged Sardinia.