In Denim We Trust

Denim Couture

What does denim have in common with couture? The most democratic material in the world along with the most elite niche of fashion: the realm of the handmade, of made-to-measure, that of desire, dreaming and research? Can you mix prose with poetry? Can you mix comedy with tragedy? Gothic novel with the Divine Comedy?
It seems it is all about having the most popular fabric, assembled into three iconic garments (a coat, a jacket, and a pant-skirt), embellished with handmade inlays and precious embroideries and finally presented to sixteen inimitable friends. Free interpretation, freedom of expression.

Do you want to play? Express yourself? Feel good? Laugh? Here it is: a denim capsule Antonio Marras’ style. Have fun!

Here you go: a coat, with a linear cut, peaked lapels and dropped shoulders, to-the-knee length and a slightly tomboyish style, just like Diane Keaton would have liked.

Or maybe you prefer a jacket: fitted at the waist, like some from the 50’s, with ample rounded raglan sleeves for a vaguely Japanese touch. The roundness returns to the hips to outline a silhouette ideal for a diva, who is just ready for a sensual and alluring burlesque.

Last but not least, a pant-skirt: slightly seventies’ style, but also a little samurai. A real treasure for those who dare to wildly mix and match.


Want to feel the Denim-Couture vibe with all senses?
Here's a special playlist for you!

Annapaola chose the coat to match a look “à la Garçonne”. It would have been just perfect for a night at Le Monocle club in the 1930s Paris, or the Heaven superclub in Charing Cross, London in the 1980s.
A suit with pants, double-breasted pinstripe jacket, tie and the classic white shirt, with large jeweled cuffs. Accessories: goggles, men’s shoes and a stylish fez. The LGBT community is thankful.

Soundtrack: “You spin me round round round” by Dead Or Alive.

The two legendary Claudio and Fabio.
Same coat and pant-skirt, interpreted in a bucolic fashion, a bit trip to the countryside entitled: “Let’s go pick some flowers” and a bit of Virginia and Vita Sackville-West going for a walk. To complete the look gloves beaded with flowers from the Sissinghurst Gardens and the essential silk foulard: Queen Elisabeth unquestionable teachings.

Soundtrack: “Queen of Chinatown” sang by Amanda Lear.

Marta M.: This is she: the coolest teen of the group. Antonio Marras 2003 vintage sweatshirt, part of the first menswear collection dedicated to Costantino Nivola:
“Rich and powerful he is” – they said,
“Evil” – you replied,
“Forced to live in foreign lands.” Flowery slippers and braids: a must.

Soundtrack: Nathy Peluso in “Bzrp Music Session, Vol. 36”

Clo: the Queen of Carrabbufas, of London, Paris and soon of Milan. Perfect for Los Angeles wearing a feather boa, zebra boots, a borsalino hat and the coat.

Soundtrack: Boyoncè in “7/11”
Edo, “I was born twice: a girl the first time, one day in January 1960, in an extraordinarily smog-free Detroit. The second, I was born an adolescent boy, in August 1974, at the emergency room in Petoskey, Michigan.”
Edo is Calliope Stephanides, the main character of the novel Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.
She is Venus, coming out from the waters in Botticelli’s masterpiece.
She is Rita Hayworth in Gilda.
He is fluid, wavering, ominous and inclusive. There is nothing more current and contemporary. The more you are naked, the more you are dressed! A pair of embroidered jeans and you are a star!

Soundtrack: “Babooshka” by Kate Bush

Chiara e Teresa
Les Folies Bergères would be their kingdom. But since we like grafts, how about a story of two fantastic sisters that are quite Parisian, but also like match couture denim jackets with the pleated skirts typical for the costumes of the Sardinian municipality of Ittiri. And then on their heads they wear with non- chalance, the plumes of the dancers of the most famous Parisian cabaret in the world.

Soundtrack: “La vie en rose”, Edith Piaf and “Dilemme” by Lus and The Yakuza

The princess of lap-dance, ready to move for you.
Joy for the eyes, a gift for the senses.
Attractive and rod, erotic and candid, provocative and pure. A jacket and a pair of heels: the game is done!

Soundtrack: “Like a prayer” by Madonna

Man/fetish of the brand that embodies the essence of being Antonio Marras. Striped sweater with a hoodie, beret typical for Alghero’s fishermen, the panta-skirt and a pair of superga sneakers customized by AntonioMarras.

Soundtrack: “Hell N Back” by Bakar

Anna and Francesca and Giunone
They are Edith Ewing Bouvier Beale and Edith Bouvier Beale, respectively aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. From being sophisticated high society ladies, to recluses in the dilapidated estate of Gray Gardens. Troubled relationship between mother and daughter, linked by a dichotomy of love and hate, between recriminations and affections.
Giunone is gorgeous, elegant and careless as only a royal goddess can be.

Soundtrack: Rachmaninov – “Preludes in C-sharp minor”

Chiara LaFiut
Countless references but one above all: Querelle de Brest. The beautiful, desired and cloudy Jo, a sailor from Brest who moves in between misty dawns, brothels and murders.
French sailor’s shirt, an original US Navy hat stationed in Pearl Harbor, the denim pant-skirt, thick woolen socks and dizzying platform shoes.
Babette that is the queen in France, feels comfortable and secure in the arms of a sailor from Brest.

Soundtrack: Perdida’s “Biig Piig”
The suit with skirt Fifty’s style is his real skin.
A sweet panther. No man can resist her. No woman can be her enemy. She embodies femininity in its purest essence. Alluring, sensual and a little perverted.
Some like it hot in a brunette version.

Soundtrack: “Alexander Platz” by Milva.

In a women’s suit? No problem. His girlfriend Valeria is studying fashion and we all know fashion de- signers are ahead of times. He works at the best restaurant in town and Tore Nieddu, the Labrador dog at his feet knows it too well.

Soundtrack: “Lollipop” by Lil Wayne

La Bilardi
“In un mondo che,
non ci vuole più...”
The song says: we live in a world that doesn’t want us anymore.
La Bilardi has been a mathematics and physics professor for generations of students, but seems that time for her never passes. A long raven-black braid, shirt, pants and coat for a style that has no age and that the world always wants!

Soundtrack: “Il mio canto libero” by Lucio Battisti.

Pierivo Sardo-Marras
He needs no introduction: the maison’s brand ambassador. Anarchy in a dog’s body, royalty in a glance, the blue blood of Prussia, haughty enough: noblesse oblige!

Soundtrack: “God Save The Queen” by Sex Pistols