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Milano Design Week 2022

The elegance of the natural state, the slow spiral towards the ground of a leaf that detaches from the branch. In this case, the dancers speak of "presence": when there is "presence", every gesture becomes easy.

Antonio Marras presents his eclectic projects for the Milano Design Week 2022.

The elegance of the natural state, the slow spiral towards the ground of a leaf that detaches from the branch. In this case, the dancers speak of "presence": when there is "presence", every gesture becomes easy. When "it is not there", when the mind does not dissolve in the body, one feels something of an artifact, of a mechanical one, as if the vital impulse is missing. True dancing is surrendering to natural law.

from latin regeneratio -onis]. -

The action of regenerating
1. In a social, moral or religious sense, rebirth, radical renewal, redemption that takes place in a community , regeneration is the term corresponding to Lat. regeneratio which in the Vulgate translates Gr. παλιγγενεσία «palingenesis»).

2. a. In biology, the reproduction, in an animal or even a vegetable organism, of parts, organs, tissues, either as a result of accidental or experimental losses or trauma, or as a regular renewal that takes place during the normal life cycle of the organism (r. physiological, such as for example the moulting of the feathers of birds, the change of hair or the replacement of the milk teeth of mammals, etc.).
b. In electronics, the same as positive reaction
Technological process by which we try to reproduce or renew the initial state and properties of a substance (and, by extension, of a material, of an object).
RE-GENERATION is a circular poetics, an activity of regeneration, it is giving new life.

It is enhancing and repeatable the best experiences, it is creating bonds.
It is believing in awakening, creating a perfect gesture.
It is the Phoenix that is reborn from her ashes.

These are the historical courses and recourses of Giambattista Vico, the things that happen for a pre-destined will, already written.
Vico said:

The most sublime work of poetry is to give meaning to senseless things, and it is the property of children to take inanimate things in their hands and, amusing themselves, speaking to you as if they were living people...
And the re-generation is the modus operandi of Antonio Marras.
Antonio Marras regenerates, gives new life, creates opportunities for meeting and merges and confuses poetic matters and instances and through beauty reproduces and produces new dimensions of materials that often unexpectedly give life to new visions.

Regeneration is a natural process of replacing or restoring damaged or missing body parts to the full functionality of plants and animals,and for Antonio Marras it represents the manifesto of his own poetics.

The stratifications, the assembly, the assemblages, the combinations, the interventions, encrustations, decorations, overlaps, insertions, inlays, leftover pieces of fabric, embroideries, earths, colors, metals, designs, coffee and tea as colors, patches on pre- existing in order to create an identity, the doing of Antonio Marras is another.
An innumerable accumulation of thoughts, materials and people that generate a different vision. A vision that holds together all the elements and all the tensions and produces a new being, a new way of understanding life.

Antonio Marras is moved by a feeling animated by the fundamental presence of memory. Collective memory, what in Sardinian is called "su connottu", the known, the assimilated, the DNA that is part of us.
Antonio Marras is an intimist, an animist.
He loves the experience and likes to think that objects, things, clothes, fabrics have a soul and deserve respect.