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Antonio Marras and the Rana Family open a Temporary Bistrot & Restaurant for the Salone del Mobile

Art, fashion, and cuisine have always been among the main elements that revolve among the magical space Nonostantemarras, in Via Cola di Rienzo 8, Milan. A place of rare charm where books, clothes, design, and food coexist and where in occasion of the new edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan scheduled from the 18 to 23 April, opened its doors to the Temporary Bistrot & Restaurant together with the Ristoranåte Famiglia Rana, led by chef Giuseppe d’Aquino, who recently obtained his first Michelin star, the most prestigious of gastronomic awards. For the occasion, the chef and his brigade traveling from Verona represented the Famiglia Rana cuisine with an unprecedented gastronomic proposal, with a curated selection of excellent raw materials that gave life to innovative and surprising dishes.
For the entire duration of the event, the space was set up like a true enchanted forest, a conception which Antonio Marras was inspired by the beloved Sardinian Nobel Prize-winning poet Grazia Deledda and her work “Ho vissuto”, which led the mind to imagine the woods and the mountains of his beloved island, the island where the designer was born.

A 5-metre-high linoleum installation named “Domus de janas” runs through the NonostanteMarras entrance, which Antonio Marras created ad hoc in collaboration with Marco Lobina di Rezina, a Turin-based company specializing in resin flooring. Inspired by the beehive created by the Domus de Janas, the adorable sensitive, slightly touchy bees, specialized in weaving and embroidery.

Inside, however, the SS23 collection and the exclusive Upcycled Capsule Collection dedicated to the Salone del Mobile was available for purchase. The capsule collection included t-shirts, denim jackets, parkas, jeans, turtlenecks, all the same, all different and all unique. Multiplied and made unrepeatable. New embroideries, inlays and stitching that embellished for an irreplaceable effect.
Among the riches preserved in the showroom, it was in fact possible to view “Bianco e Nero”, the series of unique ceramics created by Antonio Marras exclusively for the Fuori Salone 2023. White and black, the colours par excellence, one through subtraction and the other by addition, are the cornerstones on which Antonio builds his poetics of the more and the less, of rhythm, of waves, of staggered biorhythms, of the empty and the full, of classic and unusual shapes. The space was also enriched with the installation “HO LA TESTA CHE VOLA VOLTA”, from tapestries, paintings, and mirrors.

The tapestries which decorated the shop, “Wild & Mild” had a very particular story, they reproduced a print which was donated directly to Antonio Marras for his archive by the owner of an old and famous upholstery shop, following its closure. The landscape print immediately led the creative mind of Antonio Marras back to the landscapes of his native Sardinia and to the passages of work by Grazia Deledda which recounts the story of a small town in Nuoro:

“All of a sudden the valley opens up and on the sheer top of a hill, similar to an enormous pile of ruins, the ruins of the castle appear. The very Eye of the past looks at the melancholy panorama, rosy with the rising sun, the undulating plain with the gray spots of the sands and yellowish spots of the rushes, the greenish vein of the river, the white villages with the bell tower in the middle like the pistil in the flower.”