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Cupid and Psyche in Rebeccu

Sardinian folklore meets ancient tales

Between Sardinian legends and folklore, Antonio Marras's clothes intertwine with the tradition of his land to give life to a modern representation of the story of Rebeccu and its inhabitants, Cupid and Psyche.

Once upon a time, there was a strange couple, but strange for those who are compliant, otherwise I would speak of an unusual, particular, atypical and brilliant couple in its own way.

Their names are Cupid and Psyche, because their parents were obsessed with the ancient tale.
Thet were born in Rebeccu, a town in the center of Sardinia, but their destiny was written since they were born.

Rebeccu has a story of crazy love, of escapes and curses.

It is said that this handful of houses with a sloping roof, lost halfway up the hill in a mountain village, does not exceed 30 houses.
Princess Donoria, daughter of King Beccu, "the old King", cursed the houses used by farmers, hunters and woodcutters to spend the night there. Donoria was kicked out of her town, because at first she disowned her boyfriend, and then she apparently turned out to be a witch. She ended up tied to a mule and her house was burned under the terrified eyes of her dear father.
It seems that Donoria, running away, mocked by the locals, exclaimed:
“Rebeccu, Rebecchei da is trinta domos non movei”
("Rebeccu, Rebecchesi, you will not move from the thirty houses").
It was a real premonition! Indeed, for some, a real spell.
Being Cupid and Psyche direct descendants of Donoria, they were terrified by the possible predestination of exile and so they preferred, once teenagers, to emigrate spontaneously and move to America away from the madding crowd, the 30 inhabitants of Rebeccu. They chose Salt Lake City, sharing the land only with the traditional Mormon population.
But the heart, as you know, cannot be controlled.
And in fact, the boys who already had the burden of bearing important names that foreshadowed the end of their authentic love only at a whim of the gods, tried to fight destiny by becoming one, by dressing the same or at least with the same reasons.
In addition, saddened by the memory of their distant country, they tried to reproduce settings, situations, actions, images that told Rebeccu from a distant perspective.

And for the occasion they sported the best of the wardrobe there is.
They were always "allichirites", as they say in Cagliari, elegant, all to perfection and in pendant.
They loved to change their clothes on every occasion, an occasion that was also just that of getting up in the morning and starting the new day. They loved rare and precious pieces, they loved shimmering sequins. They loved the little romantic and nostalgic flowers typical of Far West girls and Rebeccu girls.

They loved green as a symbol of hope, the stripes, the checks and everything that makes you feel good and beautiful.

There is a need for beauty and there is a need for love!

Cupid and Psyche continue to have fun changing their look and they love and want each other but they live with the dream of returning to Rebeccu, now a ghost town… will they come back one day? Will they make amends with Donoria and the 30 little houses?
Ph: Benjamin vitti @benjamin.vitti
Art director | styling: Elvis Furlan
Editor: Leonardo Marras
Muah: Nicoletta Ambrosi
Set designer: Rosita Romor, Enrico Tondelli
Models: Riccardo Santalucia e Alessandra Boschello