A universe made from fragments

The Marras' approach

The collage consists in the juxtaposition of materials of various origins. Even those materials that are not necessarily inherent to artistic production: newspapers, photos, fabrics, solid materials, paints, as well as everyday objects. 

Collage debuts in contemporary art at the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was widely used in Cubism, Surrealism; the two artistic currents that were most inclined to visual and technical experimentation. Famous were the collages by Picasso, those of Braque and of Max Ernst.

The collage breaks all patterns, not only for its technique, but also for its forms and contents: it is hybrid and allows several expressive techniques to meet in an unprecedented way within a single artefact.

The image of the collage welcomes a poetics of fragments. It is organized either by contrast or with harmony. It is composed in figuration, or it is dissolved in abstraction.

The collage image unites different statutes of the work and functions according to its own rules: it orders gestures with total freedom.
Its action takes place instinctively, and conceptually. The image of the collage preserves its distinctiveness: it combines elements of diversity, which are willing to live together within the symbolic space of the canvas.
Antonio Marras SS21 Men's collection
The collage is born from a democratic idea; its image talks multiple languages and reflects the set of things linked to the fragmentation of everyday life.
The collage image tends to accept diversity – it is free and open.
The collage becomes bricolage (i.e. DIY) in the noble sense of the term. It makes the unpredictable appear. And this is where the joy of the collage lies: when the accidental blends with the necessary.
These are precious materials or spurious materials, they carry the memories of the place from which they were taken, they are either without any artistic value or soaked in poetry, born for other purposes.
They are immobile witnesses of the incessant come-and-go of those who pass by.

Written by Francesca Alfano Miglietti
Antonio Marras SS21 Men's collection