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Christmas Dinner at Casa Marras

The perfect setup for the Holiday Season

 What's more beautiful than a table set with love?

The food, the banquet, the sharing of the meal, the choice of dishes, the set up, the vases, the tablecloth, all equally important.

It must be beautiful, as we feed on beauty.

At Christmas we choose a table set with the Pois brothers who keep us company, who celebrate with us. Teresina, Gennarino and Luchino and many polka dots decorate the plates, glasses, cups, bowls, candle holders and vases.
It is easy to set up an extraordinary table with the help of the Pois brothers.

These little characters are magical, festive, mysterious, beautiful and funny. They believe in fashion as a language, as an alphabet, in clothes, in objects as words of a great figurative vocabulary.

Food is the ambassador: it’s an instrument of authenticity, simplicity, warmth and quality of life.
The Pois Brothers are steeped in the concept of hospitality whose roots go down over the centuries, over the millennia, throughout Mediterranean culture and has now reached us.
Guest is who hosts and who is hosted; the stranger, the traveller, the wanderer who asks for refuge and protection, and also the landlord who welcomes, offers food, and shelters.
Food speaks of a known land or a distant land, different and equal to that of each of us.

Cuisine is culture and the history and events of peoples can be found and read stratified in it. With the black and white decorated plates of the Pois brothers we can serve unusual and daring combinations.
We prefer blends, the tastiest part of the creative world and, in general, the world we live in.

Bringing more worlds together is our own Christmas wish.